How To Draw In Younger Clients

How To Draw In Younger Clients
How To Draw In Younger Clients

One of the best ways to grow a small business is by attracting a diverse range of customers. This can boost sales and overall profits, especially if you attract a younger base who will stick with your business for years to come.

But how can your business attract younger clients? The answer may be simpler than you think.

Here are four tips to help you draw in younger clients.

1. How To Draw In Younger Clients: Offer Current Payment Options

If you want your business to appeal to a younger audience, it is important to offer emerging popular payment options. It may seem like an expense, but paying for current payment technology (such as sleek online payment options and contactless in-store options) is normally a wise investment. This appeals to a younger target audience, and it also makes the whole buying experience more streamlined for all of your customers.

If you’re not sure why payment options are best, do some market research to find out more. Some popular options include Apple Pay and PayPal, but there are lots of other options to choose from too!

2. Think About Your Business Values

Young people have strong values. They care abut the environment and sustainability, as well as equality and ethics. So if you want your business to appeal to younger people, try to reflect these values. This is a winning technique for lots of big brands; for example, Patagonia are well-known for fighting against climate change, and they are extremely successful with young adults.

So if you want your business to attract a younger audience, make an effort to be sustainable and ethical. This could be using recycled stock to make your products, or it could be donating a percentage of your profits to a charity you believe in. Whatever works best for you and your business!

3. Be Proactive With Your Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective ways to advertise towards young adults. So don’t just be passive with your social media accounts; be proactive. Use a wide range of platforms, including TikTok and Instagram, and share high quality content that will appeal to young adults. Don’t reshare content from other social media pages; instead, create unique, interesting content that can only be found on your page.

Video content tends to be very successful, but high-quality images can also do well. Try around with a few different options, and see which is the most popular with your younger audience.

If you don’t have the time to create Insta content of your own, our UK based virtual assistants can help. Click here to find out more about our affordable social media management services.

4. Put Mobile First

Young adults are far more likely to browse online using their phones, instead of desktop devices. So if you want your website to appeal to them, put mobile web design first. Make sure that your website is fully optimised for mobile devices; check that it loads quickly, and make sure every page is both aesthetically pleasing and useable. This should help to increase mobile traffic to your website, helping you to draw in more younger clients.

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