How To Retain Focus And Get The Most Out Of Your Day

How do you retain focus? At SpareMyTime, we have definitely had our challenges with focus! From too many distractions to too many things on our to-do lists, sometimes we can all sabotage ourselves just by saying on repeat ‘I have too much to do’, rather than actually doing it (is that just us?!).

In reality, productivity doesn’t happen by accident. Accomplishing all the things you need and want to do requires forethought and planning, along with a continuous supply of motivation and focus.

Thankfully focus is possible at any time.

Want to know how? It’s simple…

Here’s how to retain focus so that you can get the most out of your day.

1. How To Retain Focus And Get The Most Out Of Your Day: Prioritise With Daily Goals

We live in a world where ticking off all of the ‘to-dos’ is just not possible (just think how many emails you receive in a day!). Thankfully you can avoid getting overwhelmed by breaking your day down into daily goals. Make sure these are always your high priority tasks – but also make sure that they are reasonable to achieve. This allows you to accomplish something valuable every single day.

2. Plan Your Day

Once you’ve decided which tasks are high priority, write a list so that the tasks feel less overwhelming. Now you know what you need to do and when – and ideally you’ll also schedule some time to eat lunch and take a break.

3. Do The Most Challenging Tasks Before Lunch

It can be tempting to put off the most difficult tasks, but in reality it is best to knock them out before lunch. After all, various studies have found that most people are more productive at the start of the day when their brain is more focused. So get the tough work out of the way early on, and then do busy work or admin later in the day.

4. Break Tasks Down Into More Manageable Chunks

If a task on your to-do list feels intimidating, you can break it down into even smaller chunks so that it feels more manageable. For instance, if you need to send lots of invoices, you can class sending each invoice as its own task. This will help you to get started (and it also means you’ll feel more accomplished as you work!).

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5. Have Email Etiquette

Emails are an essential part of owning a successful small business – but they can also be a serious distraction, especially if you get a notification every time one appears in your inbox! So we suggest having set times to check your emails (such as first thing in the morning and again after lunch). This means no-one has to wait too long for a response, and you can spend most of the day focusing on more important tasks.

6. Don’t Multitask!

Finally try not to multitask. It may feel like a good way to get through your workload, but in reality it has a lot of downsides. Various studies have found that people are less productive when they are multitasking, in fact, one study found that it has the same effect as your IQ dropping around 15 points! So go through tasks one by one, and you’ll probably get far more done.

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