What To Do With The Kids During The Christmas Holidays

What To Do With The Kids During The Christmas Holidays

The Christmas holidays are nearly here, so if you’re a parent it is the perfect time to start planning some family activities. After all, Christmas is a great time to make memories together – and if you plan wisely, you don’t have to spend lots of money.

This means you and your little ones can have a wonderful Christmas (and you don’t have to feel like a headless chicken making plans at the last minute!).

Here are some fun things you can do with your children during the Christmas holidays.

1. What To Do With The Kids During The Christmas Holidays: Check Out A Light Trail

If you want to spend a magical evening with your family, consider booking a Christmas light trail. These can be found all across the country, and the lit up trees and pathways feel like a fairy tale come to life. These trails are generally affordable, and there are even a few free ones out there. Just make sure to wrap up warm!

2. Visit An Ice Skating Rink

If your children are old enough, you could visit an ice skating rink together. If you do decide to do this, check out your local rink to see what time slots are available. Day times are normally quieter than evenings, which is ideal for nervous skaters. It is also possible to book lessons if your family have never been ice skating before.

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3. Go For A Christmas Walk

A Christmas walk is a great idea if you have a tight budget and you don’t want to spend much. Just wait for a frosty or snowy day, then take your children to a local forest or wood. This is a great way to experience the natural beauty of December, and you can make a whole day of it if you dress warm and bring snacks (and a thermos of hot chocolate!).

If you can’t think of any beautiful walks near you, consider visiting your nearest Gruffalo trail. These can be found across the UK, and they are a simply magical experience for most young children!

4. Visit The Christmas Markets

If you want to have a festive day out with young children or teenagers, consider checking out the local Christmas markets. While the markets themselves can be expensive, entry is normally free and you don’t have to actually buy anything. Just walk around and enjoy the lights and festivities!

5. Choose A Christmas Tree Together

Choosing a family Christmas tree together is a great way to start feeling festive. This doesn’t have to be a big expense; most outdoor retailers have smaller trees that can be bought for less than £30.

Choosing an actual Christmas tree can also be more eco-friendly than using a plastic tree. In fact, a recent survey found that an artificial tree needs to be used 7 to 20 times to have a similar carbon footprint as using an actual tree! It is also possible to buy trees that can be replanted after Christmas, which is the most environmentally friendly option.

6. Watch A Christmas Pantomime

If you’re willing to spend a bit of money, you could watch a local Christmas pantomime. These tend to be very popular with younger children – and if you want to make it cheaper, you can watch a virtual Christmas pantomime online for a fraction of the cost.

7. Watch A Christmas Film Together

While it’s great to get out of the house together as a family, when the weather is cold and dark it is also very tempting to stay snuggled up on the sofa. Make this a family activity by watching a one Christmas film together every week in the run up to Christmas. All streaming services (including Netflix, Disney and Hulu) have a wide range of Christmas films – all you need to do is provide some festive snacks for the evening!

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