4 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Social Media Assistant

4 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Social Media Assistant
4 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Social Media Assistant

It is a truth universally unknown, that most successful businesses do not run their own social media accounts.  They have someone to do it for them.  

In its simplest terms, social media is an internet-based form of communication. Social media has become an essential tool to growing and marketing a company, but to many, it can seem complicated, frustrating and time consuming.  Hiring a virtual social media assistant can alleviate all that stress in just a few steps, and virtually.

Here are four reasons to hire a virtual social media assistant.

4 reasons to hire a Virtual Social Media Assistant

1. Brand Consistency

A virtual social media assistant can ensure that your brand is consistent across all your social media platforms.  They can tidy up your current content, create new and up to date posts that are relevant (and that will engage consumers) and they can help implement your social media strategy, or help you create one. They can also conduct market research and open accounts on other relevant social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

2. Schedule Your Content

People don’t update their social media every day, your virtual social media assistant can use software such as Later, Metricool or Meta Business Suite to plan and schedule your social media content – to ensure there is a steady stream of content ready to be published, that is relevant and on trend.

3. Analytics Tracking

A virtual social media assistant can take time to delve into platform analytics to keep on top of your online social growth and your campaign performance.  Most platforms automatically track engagement rate, follower growth rate, website referral traffic and most effective times to post.  Your virtual assistant can monitor this information to ensure that your posts are hitting the mark. 

4. Customer Interaction

If your DM inbox is bursting, your virtual assistant can monitor and reply to enquiries, as well as keeping up to date on influencers and possible collaboration opportunities. 

Running a small business often means learning new skills, pretty quickly and working hard to keep on top of all the different aspects that are involved in that business. A good online presence can really boost business, but it’s not always possible to do everything.  A virtual social media assistant can take that pressure off you and free up your time for actually being…. Social!

Do you need help running your social media accounts? If so, we would love to help. Find out more about our social media and marketing services here. You can also contact us at info@sparemytime.com.

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