Social Media Trends For 2023

No self-respecting business would deny the value of social media for growing their company, but keeping on top of the ever-changing trends is a job in itself. Since the pandemic forced businesses to use the internet to reach their customers, social media marketing has become even more essential.

As of last year 77.9% of the population in the UK are social media users, which translates as a lot of potential customers for your business, regardless of the state of the markets. 

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Here are our top 6 social media trends to look out for in 2023.

The environment is on all of our minds right now and in 2023 consumers will be asking companies to move towards sustainability in all they do, as well as finding ways to give back.  This is being labelled regeneratively –  ‘actively taking steps to make the world better.’ And it is worth looking at ways in which your company can do this. 

2. Authenticity

No filters needed; just be honest with the customer.  As new app Be Real gathers momentum, we will see a trend towards honesty.  Consumers want to be wowed by the real thing and videos will be the way to do this. 

3. User Generated Content

Rather than using professionally created content to promote your product, brands are posting user generated content (such as customer photos and reviews). For example, you might repost a photo of a happy customer with your product.  This is a great way to promote your brand in an honest, authentic way.

4. Quality Customer Service

Ensuring your customer is happy is nothing new but with so many of us now on social media, it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to update customers on any glitches or delays to orders. And don’t forget to keep on top of your DMs too!  Adding consumer surveys and running mini polls on your social platforms are also a great way to read the mood of your customer base.

5. Say Goodbye To Hashtags And Hello To SEO

Get ready to ditch the hashtag, it’s time to use keywords to create content that people are already searching for.  In September 2022 the NY Times said that ‘for Gen Zen TikTok is the new search engine.’ Social media is the place to research brands and by adding keywords to your captions you could potentially increase your reach by 30% and double engagement.

6. Billionaires Buying Social Media

With Elon Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter, there might be more billionaire takeovers in 2023.  The best way to navigate these potential social media black holes is to keep an eye on the news, ensure your followers know about all your different social media channels, and keep your content true to your brand.  No Billionaire can take that away from you!

While the whims of billionaires could change a site in a moment, brands need to be adaptable.  Keeping things lean and real is the way forward in 2023.  If you need help navigating the fast-moving social media juggernaut, click here to see how we can help.

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