The Best Analytic Tools For Small Businesses

The Best Analytic Tools For Small Businesses

Analytic tools are very useful. They teach business owners crucial information about their business, which helps business owners to see what is working (and what isn’t!). This allows business owners to make alterations that significantly improve their business, so they can attract more customers and increase their profits.

So if you’re a small business without any analytic tools, you could be making a mistake. Thankfully it is fairly simple to use analytic tools; you just need to know which tools are best suited to your business.

Here are four of the best analytic tools for small businesses.

The Best Analytic Tools For Small Businesses

1. Dundas Business Intelligence

The Dundas platform helps to transform business data (including information about sales, traffic and revenue) into valuable insights. The platform has flexible features, meaning it can be used by a wide range of small businesses, and it is fairly easy to adapt.

You can even customise the dashboard to feature the information you’re specifically interested in. For instance, you can use drag and drop tools to remove insights you don’t care about, and then you can replace them with features that you think will be more useful.

We really like how customisable this platform is. Being able to easily edit insights means you can find out whatever you want about your business – whether you’re an online Etsy shop or a brick and mortar corner shop!

2. SAS Business Intelligence & Analytics

The SAS Business Intelligence and Analytics platform provides a lot of data. And we mean a lot! So if you’re mostly looking for a data monitoring service, this could be the platform for you. SAS helps users to see detailed data about nearly every aspect of their business, and you can use this data to easily create dashboards and reports.

This is super handy for business owners who want to present their findings to employees or shareholders. And you don’t need lots of experience with analytic tools; on fact, there is an ‘easy analytics’ feature that means even beginners can forecast business trends and look for useful correlations.

This tool can also be integrated with third party tools including Outlook, Excel and MS Office.

3. Microsoft Power BI

The Microsoft Power BI platform is also great for data modelling. This platform was created to help both individuals and businesses to look at analytics. It has lots of smart tools that help with data visualisation.

This platform also has integrated AI, which makes it easier for newbies to find important patterns and correlations. This is also one of the most affordable platforms on this list, with a basic monthly account costing less than £10.

4. Qlik Sense

If you’re looking for an analytic platform that makes collaborating easy, Qlik Sense could be a good option. Qlik Sense is a cloud-based analytics solution, providing data-backed insights that can be shared (and edited) by anyone who has access. This is super handy for businesses with multiple owners, or businesses who use a virtual assistant to create analytic reports.

If you want help with business or marketing analytics, we are here to help. Our team of professional virtual assistants can help you to set up analytic programs. And if you’re busy, they can create monthly analytic reports for you. Click here to find out more about our services.

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