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Everything you need to know about the Workplace Pension Scheme in 2023

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If you own a small business with staff, it is very likely your staff must legally be in a pension scheme. This requires you to set up a Workplace Pension Scheme which you must then contribute to. This contribution process is called ‘automatic enrolment’, and it is essential to set this up as soon as possible. If you don’t, you may face serious legal repercussions.

Thankfully it is fairly easy to set up a Workplace Pension Scheme. You just need to know how to get started!

Here’s everything you need to know about the Worplace Pension Scheme in 2023.

The Workplace Pension Scheme in 2023

Legal Obligations As A Small Business Owner

Staying up to date with current pension thresholds is part of your responsibility as a business owner. These duties begin as soon as you hire an employee who is eligible to receive a pension.

How Much To Contribute

Each contribution that you make is calculated based on the employees gross annual earnings. The lowest bracket that can claim earns a minimum of £6,240 per year, while the highest bracket can earn up to £50,270.

When you are calculating an employee’s earnings, don’t forget to include;

·       General salary

·       Bonuses they have received throughout the year

·       Any overtime completed

·       Any commission they have earned

·       Sick pay

·       Holiday pay

·       Statutory payments for family leave (including maternity and paternity leave)

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Qualifying Earnings In Detail

Employee eligibility is determined by three earning bands. These bands are called ‘qualifying earnings’, and they are determined by the government and reviewed every year. The earnings threshold for 2023;

·       Lower earnings limit is £6,240 (which equals £520 per month).

·       Automatic earnings limit is £10,000 (which equals £833 per month).

·       Upper earnings limit is £50,270 (which equals £4,189 per month).

Tips For Setting Up A Pension Scheme: Enrolling Employees

Once you have set up a pension scheme you will need to enrol any eligible staff members (look at their age and earnings to work this out). Any staff members over 22 and under state pension age are eligible to be included if they earn more than the lowest qualifying rate.

Declaring Compliance

You will also need to formally declare compliance with the Pensions Regulator. You will need to do this within five months of setting up a pension scheme.

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Contacting Employees

It is important to contact each member of staff in writing to tell them how the automatic enrolment will affect their salary. You’ll need to do this within six weeks of them enrolling in the Pension scheme.

Making Employee Contributions

You must also make weekly or monthly (depending on when you pay your staff) contributions into the pension scheme.

Managing Pension Scheme Requests

Finally you will need to manage pension scheme requests from employees. This includes all employees over 16 and under state pension age who earn the lowest qualifying level and up. Once you have received a request from them you have one month to enrol them (so don’t wait too long!).

Employees can also request to opt out of the scheme within the first month of their enrolment. If this happens, you need to stop deducting the pension contributions. You will also need to refund any contributions that have already been made.

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How Can I Afford To Pay For Pension Advice?

A money advice service can seem like a big expense, but there are actually lots of affordable options for small business owners. This means that you can get the advice you need, no matter your personal circumstances.

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