Top Tips For May Half Term

This year’s Summer half term holiday runs over the spring bank holiday in May.  We have quite a lot of bank holidays this year (yay!), which means with a little planning we should all be able to actually have a bit of a break from work, and hang out with our children, guilt-free.

Here are some ideas for great kid friendly, family activities this half term.

Tip For May Half Term Holiday: Spend Time In Nature

It is always hard to predict what the weather will be like, but no matter if one has the right kit.  Make a plan to go outside for a walk, make it a scavenger hunt, or find a local place of beauty.  There are many lovely spots around Britain that are free to visit, where you can all immerse yourself in nature. Click here to see some local wildlife sites that are open this half term holiday.

If it is raining then get the wellies on, look for worms, and there is always the joyful promise of a hot chocolate once the walk is done! 

Get Crafty

You may think that you are not very creative or arty, but I promise, that an hour colouring, drawing, and sticking with your kids can be really fun. It is also very affordable, and you don’t have to leave the house!  All you need is a few bits of plain paper and some pens/pencils.  You can of course go crazy and get some glue and loo roll too! Have a look at these for some ideas, and for older kids check out the brilliant Rob Biddulph for craft ides you can do this half term.

Check Out A Museum

Check the weather and if there is going to be a grizzly day book ahead and go to a museum.  There are so many in the UK, and there is bound to be one not far from home.  Have a look here for ideas  Why not take a train to get there – sometimes the journey is as good as the actual event! 

See A Live Show

Check out what is on at your local theatre.  It is amazing how kids become absolutely immersed in the theatre.  There are always great productions of all your favourite TV shows, as well the classics.  Everyone will be entertained and you may learn something new. 

Team Up

On the days that you do need to work, why not work with a friend and ‘outsource’ your children for half a day, or the whole day? And you can repay the favour another day.  For all your work outsourcing needs, have a look at our website .

 Let’s hope for some blue-sky days, nothing beats early summer in Britain, but we are equally as good at dealing with rain!  After all, we are British.  Whatever the weather, remember to breathe, and try to enjoy the little things before school term starts again.

Check Term And Holiday Dates

 It is also important to remember that school term dates can vary from school to school. While bank holiday dates are the same for every school, there can be slight variations for school term dates. You can check the school term dates for your child’s school here.

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