Why bookkeeping is really rather sexy

When the topic of bookkeeping comes up, I can't help but feel a little swoony.

It’s that hot-under-the-collar, what’s-going-to-happen-next vibe that gets me every time. Do you feel it too? Or maybe it’s just me.

I get it though, bookkeeping is like the nerdy friend to its cool older brother, marketing, or even the super-efficient, always-has-her-hair-braided-just-so brilliant younger sister.

Sure, the “systematic recording, organising, and tracing of financial transactions” might sound a bit short on conversation. But you and I both know it’s just because we’re a little bit scared. Bookkeeping seems so time-consuming, so complex, so… embarrassing.

Yes, embarrassing. This is the number one term used by clients in our discovery calls when they’re describing their accounts. Their lack of understanding of a highly complex and technical subject has backed them into a cul-de-sac of shame.

But not anymore. 

I want you to get swoony over bookkeeping, and here's why.

First up, consider for a moment all the other highly technical, creative, and brilliant things you do. Why on earth should bookkeeping be one of them? The money you spend on outsourcing your bookkeeping will be the best money you’ll spend. I promise.

Now, embrace the brilliant doors that bookkeeping will open for you:

1. Decision Making:

We make decisions in our business all the time. But how much better would these be if you understood—REALLY understood—where your money comes from and where it goes (and when!)? Decisions made without financial evidence are just guessing. And guessing leaves you open to all kinds of real embarrassments.

2. Tax

Yup, I said it. Whether it’s your personal tax return or VAT, they are the unavoidable horrors of life. But what if I told you that you could just breeze through it? Dreamy, right?

Here’s a secret: breeziness comes from being on top of your numbers, all the time. Just imagine.

3. Financial Planning

Forecasts, budgets, financial goals, growth—you guessed it. These all stem from having your accounts in order.

4. Business Health Checks

Once you have your numbers in place, then comes using those numbers to interpret and identify trends in your business, opportunities, avoid potential issues before they become all too bum-clenchingly eeksome. Sounds pretty sexy to me.

And all of this is before you get sucked into the super-smart software (Xero), amazingly cool integrations (Synder, GoCardless, Stripe), and basically realise you’re in the presence of a rockstar.

So while we all hope we’ll be asked on a date by marketing, the reality is, bookkeeping will always be your best friend. It’ll be there for you when the chips are down, holding your hair while you’re hugging the loo (anyone else? No, just me again). 

Bookkeeping is the one you turn to when you want someone who’s really got your back. Always and forever. Who doesn’t ditch you at the altar for a younger, more exciting social media trend.

Okay, you get it. End of analogy 😉

Need some help with your bookkeeping? – Get in touch, we would love to help!

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