Hitting the big goal: From New Year’s resolution to fundamental business switch-ups

We’re kicking off 2024 with a celebration!

On 8 February I’ll officially become part of Goldman Sachs 10k Small Business Cohort 20.   If you’ve not heard about GS10kSB, have a look.  It’s amazing.  

I’d first heard of the programme in January 2020 (shortly after our launch) when a fellow co-founder was selected.  From that point, it became my resolution. Big, audacious and hairy.  I knew only the best were given a spot but what did I have to lose?  The only thing holding me back was me (once I hit the criteria for qualifying). 

So for 3 years I worked on growing SMT and hitting the criteria, it was my ongoing January resolution.  And then in Dec 2022, I applied.

Understandably, places on this (FREE!) programme are hotly contented.  Goldmans runs the programme in partnership with Said Business School at Oxford University and the curriculum has been designed specifically by world-class international and national experts in entrepreneurial learning.  So it also comes as no surprise that the application and selection process is rigorous

But, even if I’d not been selected the application would have been worth it.   It came at at time when we’d smashed our 3 year targets and I’d realised I’d not really thought what we were going to do next.  I was stuck in a fog of fear of failure.  I was lost.  

During the process of applying (which no lies here – was incredibly soul searching and often included times when I felt like giving up), I built the foundations of a plan that went on to bring us enviable growth in recessionary times and more importantly created the foundations for our next, fundamental switch up which leads us to where we are now.  Like a snake shedding its skin, we’re here this new year – slicker, shinier, better formed – ready to take 2024, whatever it may look like. 

And that’s all from one application.  One resolution.

So during this time of resolutions, don’t hold back.  Find yourself something big and audacious.  Set your heart on it and really go for it.  It may take you a few years but you’ll reap the rewards many times over.  It will be worth it, I promise. 

Need some accountability to help you hit your goals? – Get in touch, we would love to help!

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