Embracing Neurodiversity: A Personal and Professional Commitment

It’s Neurodiversity Celebration Week!

At SpareMyTime we believe in the strength of diversity, not just as an idea, but as the very essence of who we are and what we do.

I am dyslexic; I was diagnosed in my first job, when I was at PwC.  To be honest, I’ve been lucky – it hasn’t significantly affected my career or my education. Living in a world of blissful ignorance, the challenges I have faced have fired my desire to achieve, rather than created any walls to that achievement. Yet, as time progresses and I learn more about how my brain works, I realise that it could easily have been different.  And it’s that knowledge that has propelled a belief in the necessity of embracing all forms of diversity and inclusion, neurodiversity included.

15% of the UK population are diagnosed as neurodiverse.  Research suggests that thoughout evolution neurodiversity has been genetically fostered for the well being of our species.  Put simply, we need neurodiverse traits in our society in order for us to prosper.  We need the risk takers, the ‘out of box’ thinkers.

I’ve always been adamant that SpareMyTime would be a welcome home for neurodiversity.  I’m exceptionally proud that several of our team are neurodivergent.  Each open and willing to share their learnings of dyslexia, ADHD, autism and more.  It should come as no surprise that with our celebration of all things that make us different, many of our clients are also neurodiverse.  Attracted to us by the power of being supported by those who know, those who care, those who seek solutions that will work for you however you work.

This week we became members of Neurodiversity in Business – a fantastic network of businesses dedicated to building a better workplace for Neurodivergent people and helping them progress in their careers.  A great initiative to increase understanding of us neurodivergents in the workplace. The essence being clear, that with a little energy, interest, support and learning there is no reason why all of our brilliant brains can’t find a welcome home in all businesses.

So if you are reading this and are neurodiverse, please rest assured you are amongst friends.  Inspiration, resilience, creativity, brilliance – all these are yours, even though it may feel uncomfortable when trying to tick a traditional box.  If us neurodiverse are good enough for evolution to protect, then I can’t see why we at SpareMyTime wouldn’t either.

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