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A Day In The Life of a Marketing VA 

Our Marketing Account Director, Lizzie Mathews, shares a sneak peek into her working day…

Meet Lizzie, one of SpareMyTime’s Marketing Account Directors. With a solid background in email marketing, creating email campaigns for large and small companies, Lizzie now spearheads our team of Marketing VAs. Here’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a typical working day in her world…


5.45am – I am abruptly woken up by my toddler. I have three kids and only the middle one ever sleeps past 7am, so I haven’t had to use an alarm for over 8 years! 

6-8am – I shower, get the kids ready for school and make sure everyone’s got some breakfast in their bellies. I check our trusty whiteboard to remember who has PE, after school clubs, or packed lunch, and then usher everyone out the door.

8.20am – Toddler’s in the buggy and we set off for school. My older two are 8 and 5.5, so I see them into the classroom and then meet the childminder in the playground to hand over my toddler. 

9am – I get home, breathe(!), make a cup of tea and head upstairs to the office. I quickly catch up on emails from clients and Teams messages from the SMT team and start to plan my day.

9.30-10.30am– This morning I’m focussing on a weekly newsletter in Klaviyo for a client who makes beautiful leather bags. She tends to write the copy, so I edit it, and add to the newsletter template, adding images and buttons to make it as clickable as possible. I send the client a test email and wait for feedback or sign off. 

10.45am – While I’m in the client’s Klaviyo account, I set up an ‘abandoned cart flow’ for her. This is an automated email that goes to potential customers who have abandoned their online shopping basket. We already have an ‘abandoned checkout flow’ set up, so I replicate the emails from this, and set up the trigger and filters to ensure that we only email customers who haven’t already gone on to purchase the product in their cart. 

11.45am – I spend some time messaging my team mate, Merry, about the content for the next SpareMyTime Newsletter. We agree a plan, so she knows what she needs to do in the next few days.  

12pm – Brief stop for lunch. I am very lucky because my husband also works from home – we even share an office, and often he’s the one making me lunch. Today is leftover quiche, potato salad, coleslaw and a green salad – yum! 

12.30pm – I spend the next couple of hours creating a website landing page with an email sign up form in Mailchimp for a client in the TV industry. As the landing page is promoting a research paper, I also create an automated email which will deliver the PDF as soon as the form is submitted. Once designed I send over to the client for feedback.  

2.30pm – A quick call with another one of our Marketing VAs, Alex, to brief her on some LinkedIn posts that we need to create for a client.  

2.50pm – I spend some time analysing the performance of 10 flows (an automated email series) that a new client has already set up in their Klaviyo account. There is a concern that due to the number of flows, and the overlap in their triggers (for example, a customer might have viewed a product on the website, clicked a link in an email or abandoned checkout), it’s possible that subscribers are receiving more than one email per day in some cases. I create a spreadsheet to demonstrate the overlap and send to the client with a list of recommendations to improve the customer email journey. 

3.30pm – Stop to stretch and make a cup of tea. 

3.45pm – I compose a briefing message to another team member, Belinda, who is one of SpareMyTime’s website and user journey experts. One of our current clients would like some recommendations for improving her website – particularly the product pages for their flagship product. 

4pm – I have a Teams call with a client to plan the work she’d like us to undertake over the next few weeks. This includes creating a content plan for Instagram, a newsletter in MailerLite, creating some new pages on her website, and the design of some PDF documents. There are three of us who work on the client’s account, so once off the call, I send a message to my team mates to update them on the work. 

4.45pm – There’s just time before the kids are home (my husband picks them up at 5pm) to write my to-do list for tomorrow. I work three days a week, so keeping an up-to-date list is the key to ensuring nothing gets missed!

5.05pm – Everyone arrives home and complete chaos ensues! 

If you need support with your marketing, or to find out more about the range of services we can offer, get in touch with the team today.  


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