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A Day In The Life of an Admin Virtual Assistant 

Guest Blog: Our Admin Account Executive, Josie Wilson, walks us through a day in her shoes…

Meet Josie, one of SpareMyTime’s Admin Account Executives. With a background in project management for both small and large businesses, Josie works across a variety of our clients to support the smooth running of day-to-day operations. Here’s a sneak peek into her working day…

6:40am – I wake up, press snooze and get another sneaky 10 minutes in bed (yes, I’m one of those people!)

6:50am –Now it’s time to persuade my sleep-loving 5-year-old to leave my bed which she has inevitably climbed into at some point in the night. I go downstairs to make breakfast and pack lunches for both of my girls who are in Reception and Year 2 at school.

8:20 – I drive part way to school to meet friends and we walk the rest of the way together – we are very lucky to have a big park right by the school so we take a few minutes to spot bees, butterflies and other wildlife – something we love to do.

8:50 – The girls are now at school, so it’s time to start my day. I go for a quick run before I start work as I am training for Mud Monsters, which is less than a month away – eek!

9:30am – I grab a cuppa, and it’s time to open my laptop. I start by checking each client’s inbox – flagging tasks that need to be actioned and filing away those pesky emails that clog up their inboxes. Once that has been done, things are a lot clearer and feel more manageable, which is always a good way to start the day.

10:00am – I’m now logging onto HubDoc and XERO to upload receipts and invoices for my copywriting client, The Writing Club, and help my lovely bookkeeper colleague, Shelley, with their weekly bank reconciliations.

10:45am – Now it’s time to check through The Writing Club’s job sheet and see which invoices need to be raised, and submit these via the XERO platform to The Writing Club clients.

11:00am – One final job for The Writing Club this morning is to set up a Cycle to Work scheme and book some return flights to Barcelona for a business trip.

11:30 – Another client that I work on is Stylish Weddings  – a boutique wedding styling business in the Midlands. I check their inbox, and have a quick WhatsApp chat with the client, Fi, on what jobs she would like me to pick up. Some of their clients are now ready to go ahead with their booking, so I log onto Current RMS, create a deposit invoice, and send a booking contract via Acrobat Sign, saving all the documents to Google Drive. Fi also needs a light-box ordered for photographing some items for the website, so I do some research for the best quality light box within budget, and order it to be delivered to the showroom.

11:55 – I log onto Asana to check in on project progress for the various workstreams at Stylish Weddings. Lots to tick off today, which is always satisfying!

12:15pm – I pop downstairs to make a sandwich and another cup of tea, and pop the dishwasher on (how do two children create so much mess?!)

12:45 – Another quick check of all the inboxes again. It’s so important to keep on top of these for my clients as it helps them prioritise and reduces the dreaded feeling of overwhelm.

1:15pm – Today is postage day for Cat & Sparrow, a client based in Bristol who runs a yarn and wool online shop. I log onto Shopify and find out what orders there are, which country they are going to and check the customs information to complete the forms for Royal Mail. Once these are all done, I pay for the postage, generate the labels and send them to the client to be printed off and attached to the parcels.

1:45pm – I’ve now got some jobs to do for my client Kate, who I help with a wide variety of tasks, such as sourcing products for her house renovation, keeping on top of budgeting and finances, and booking transport and venues for events. Today I am booking a helicopter pleasure flight and organising her Interior Design DropBox folder, two very different jobs but both equally as fun!

2:30pm – Time for a quick check of my to-do list, to make sure I’m on top of everything and make a new plan for the next day.

2:45pm – I am now ‘officially’ finished for the day (I mostly work during school hours) and grab some snacks for the girls before heading to school to collect them and find out what they’ve been up to.

3:15pm – I have a quick chat over Slack during the walk home with a client who needs train tickets, so I promise to sort these once the girls are settled.

4pm – After booking the tickets and sending them to the client, I upload the expense receipt to HubDoc and close my laptop for the day!

4:30pm – I cook dinner for myself and the girls. We eat a delicious spag bol (if I do say so myself!) and spend some time playing Barbies in the garden until it’s time to go up for bed.

8pm – After tidying the house and loading the dishwasher (yet again!) it is time to relax – tonight it’s Bridgerton season 3 and a pamper session. Bliss!

Our experienced team of Admin VAs are available to support on a huge range of tasks to ensure the smooth running of your business and to take a weight off your shoulders. Get in touch today to find out more. 

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