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Beat the summer holiday juggle: tips for small business owners with kids 

Are you a solopreneur or founder of a small business staring down the barrel of the summer holidays with dread? You’re not alone. Working parents everywhere are currently bracing themselves for the upcoming six-week juggle of managing work and children. But for small business owners in particular, the impact of the summer holidays can be enormous. Unlike traditional workplaces that offer childcare support or extended leave options, founders often feel forced to significantly scale back operations, or even shut down completely, during the break.

While it’s not a new struggle (parents have faced this problem for decades now), the cost-of-living crisis combined with the soaring cost of summertime childcare adds an extra element of stress to the equation. But fear not! Here are some top tips to help you manage the juggle and ensure you still get to enjoy precious time with your family over the holidays:

Siblings on school holidays

1. Plan ahead: The power of the pre-summer schedule

Be meticulous. Don’t wing it. The key to a successful summer is planning. Sit down well in advance and map out a daily schedule for the entire break. This doesn’t have to be rigid, but it should include a mix of dedicated work time, pre-booked childcare arrangements (more on that later), family activities, and downtime for everyone.  A clear plan helps manage expectations, reduces stress, and allows you to truly be present in each moment.

2. Book time off (yes, really!)

It might sound counter-intuitive, but scheduling dedicated time off is a much more efficient use of your time than trying to work with your kids constantly breathing down your neck for attention. Negotiate with your partner and family to secure pockets of uninterrupted work time. This could be a few mornings a week, a full day every other week, or even a longer stretch if possible. Be strict with yourself and when you’re not working, try to keep the laptop firmly shut.

3. The power of playdates

Connect with other parents in a similar situation and coordinate playdates with friends. This creates a built-in support system where you can share childcare responsibilities and free up some work time.

4. Explore summer camps and holiday clubs

Summer holiday clubs and camps are lifesavers for many working parents. They offer a structured environment with activities and learning opportunities, keeping children engaged and entertained while you focus on work. Research different options in your area and choose one that aligns with your child’s interests and your budget.

5. Outsource some of that To Do list!

Could you outsource some of those pesky admin tasks that take up too much time? Or task a social media manager with planning your Instagram posts for the summer? Remember, the team at SpareMyTime are always on hand to pick up some of the slack when you need us to. Short term project packs to help keep things ticking over while you take a break are available.

6. Go easy on yourself

The summer holidays are a time for relaxation and family fun. Don’t expect to maintain your usual pre-break work pace. Adjust your expectations, delegate tasks where possible, and embrace a slower, more flexible schedule. Remember, a happy and healthy founder (and family!) leads to a more successful business in the long run.

For further information on how SpareMyTime can help with your To Do list this summer, get in touch today.

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