A Day in the Life of a Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Guest Blog: A glimpse into the life of a Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant….

Lisa Murphy came to SpareMyTime four years ago after realising her career at an investment bank in the city no longer provided the flexibility she needed whilst her boys were young. She is now lead manager on our bookkeeping team. Here’s a glimpse into her working day….

Lisa and her dog, Nala

7am – My day starts, and I wave my eldest off as he cycles to school. I then quickly log in, catch up on emails and work for an hour before I take my youngest to school at 8.15.

9.30 – By now, both boys are in school, I’ve completed a 5K run, I’m showered and ready to start my working day.

First up – I’m in touch with some accountants to get the VAT over the line for a client who runs an e-commerce business, making leather bags. Taking away this quarterly stress is something that I know she really appreciates!

10am: I have a Zoom meeting with another client on how we streamline her financial management by bringing all her business finances under one roof in Xero. This particular client has a number of businesses and so categorising all of the accounts in one place will give her a much clearer picture of her finances at the click of a button.

11am: I have bank account access for a client who has an interior design business. Today I need to pay a number of supplier invoices. We have recently implemented Xero pay for them which has made the whole process much easier. I’m also responsible for paying the wages on this client’s behalf every month and so today I do a quick check to ensure everything is in place for the next payroll.

12pm: By now, both my dog, Nala, and I are in need of some fresh air and so we head out for a quick stroll to stretch our legs. Whilst the sun is out, I take 20 minutes to eat a salad (followed by a Belgium bun!) in the garden and then head back to my desk.

1pm: One of my clients has sent me several expenses to process on WhatsApp and so I download these and ensure they are submitted. I tend to receive expenses in a number of different formats depending on the client – WhatsApp, email or sometimes link expense software like Hubdoc or Dext. We know that different methods suit different clients and so we’ll do whatever works best for them and their businesses.

2pm: I manage the inbox for a luxury travel agent client. Today I need to invoice a number of hotels for commission owed and chase aged ones that are still owed. Every month I also need to make sure that all commission statements are reconciled so that their agents are paid on time.

3pm: It’s time to head out on the school run and deliver the boys to their various after school activities!

5pm – 7pm: Once the boys are fed, I log back in to see if anything urgent has come in and write my to-do list for tomorrow.

By 7pm my laptop is firmly shut, the boys are getting ready for bed, and I can relax. Phew!

Our bookkeeping team at SpareMyTime work across a huge variety of clients and sectors. For further information on the services we provide, get in touch today.

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