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All things you need to know about hiring a VA

    The highest performing entrepreneurs outsource.  Or that’s what the research suggests.   So what does this mean for you and why should you consider a VA? What is a virtual assistant (VA)? A virtual assistant provides business or personal support…


Are you making these 10 expensive mistakes in your business

We will be covering all these mistakes (and more) in Making Virtual A Reality.   6 weeks to setting up your virtual assistant or freelancing business. You may be feeling reluctant to take the plunge or unconfident in your ability…


How To Interview People Effectively

Learning how to interview someone is an important skill for any small business owner. Here are seven tips to help you interview people effectively.


Guest Post: Here is why organising your home will make you happier

A recent article in the New York Times examined various studies related to home clutter and mental well-being, with the major theme that more disorganised homes correlated with higher levels of stress.


How I learnt about personal branding … the hard way

How much attention do you give to your personal ‘brand’? I find one of the hardest things about running a small business is that inevitably as a founder, you are key to you and your business’ image and reputation. The…


Guest Post: 10 Things You Need to Know about Online Tutoring and Homeschooling …

The new school term is starting with the vast majority of pupils still being at home to self-isolate and help slow the spread of COVID-19. Only the children of key workers will remain at school to allow their parents to…


Guest Post: How To Use Social Media In The Current Climate

What to talk about on social media


Guest Post: 5 practical tips to stay calm

During these challenging times it is common to experience feelings of rising stress and panic. Nikki Swan, transitional coach, shares with us her top 5 tips to stay calm. Banish your phone from the bedroom If you allow your phone into…


Great Resources for Kids Activities at home

For many, working from home with school age children is their current reality. One day we were jogging along just fine, the next there was pandemonium in our homes. Naturally, when time and skills are stretched so are tempers. However…


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