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Guest Post: 5 practical tips to stay calm

During these challenging times it is common to experience feelings of rising stress and panic. Nikki Swan, transitional coach, shares with us her top 5 tips to stay calm. Banish your phone from the bedroom If you allow your phone into…


Great Resources for Kids Activities at home

For many, working from home with school age children is their current reality. One day we were jogging along just fine, the next there was pandemonium in our homes. Naturally, when time and skills are stretched so are tempers. However…


Try these timetables for juggling kids at home

For anyone with kids at home it can be hard to create structure to your days however routine is key to achieving a level of stability and wellness during these challenging times. To lend a helping hand, many have put…


5 ways to wellbeing

COVID-19 has the notice of the whole world, but for us at home the realities of daily isolation are starting to set in. The time has never been more pressing to make sure we take care of our own wellbeing…


5 Apps to help through isolation

We all recognise the need for social distancing but the thought of 4 weeks with no outside input can seem overwhelming. Here are our top 5 apps for helping you make the most of your time at home.


New Year’s resolutions, and how to stick to them

New Year, New You?  Ever start the year with a list of resolutions but find that by 1 Feb they have fallen by the wayside? Well you’re not alone, according to YouGov in 2019 a quarter of Britons set themselves a resolution with…


Update from the home front

It’s over 2 years since I last did an update. Quite how that time has flown by so quickly God only knows. For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m Melissa and I started SpareMyTime 3 years ago with the intention of…


Small Business round up – August 2019

There are so many fabulous small business ideas out there, particularly those with a female business owners. Here is a selection of some of our favourite small businesses chosen from our facebook group Our Favourite Things this August.


How To Deal With Burnout As A Working Mum

It can be very stressful to experience burnout as a working mum – but thankfully there are lots of things that you can do to reduce the feelings of stress.


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