How to find your why

Find your why

Does your heart sink when you’re asked (again) to ‘find your why’. What does it mean, where do you start? Here are my top tips how to find your why? 1) What sets you on fire.  Makes you happy to get out of bed in the morning.  It’s usually why you’ve started your small business.  […]

How To Be A Confident Business Owner

How To Be A Confident Business Owner

Being able to launch and run a successful business is a huge accomplishment. It shows that you are tenacious, hard-working and skilled; you should feel so proud! Yet despite this, many business owners struggle with confidence (and this has become even more of a problem since the recent pandemic). Many business owners worry about making […]

Should You Hire A Local Or Offshore Virtual Assistant?

Should You Hire A Local Or Offshore Virtual Assistant?

We have seen many small businesses grow significantly after hiring a virtual assistant. After all, virtual support can help your business in many ways, from admin support to social media marketing and digital design. But is it better to hire local or offshore? There are definitely pros and cons to both, so it is best to […]

Marketing Tips For Your Start Up Business

Marketing Tips For Your Start Up Business

If you own a start-up business, you may be hesitant to invest money into online marketing. After all, it may not seem as essential as stock and wages – but in reality it is just as important if you want your business to grow. And most UK businesses are starting to realise this; research has […]

Awesome Business Instagram Tips To Boost Your Engagement

Business Instagram Tips To Boost Your Engagement

Instagram is currently one of the most effective advertising tools for businesses. Over one billion people log into the app every month, and many of these people use the app to search for new businesses and brands. But it isn’t enough to just post the occasional picture; if you really want to succeed, you need to create […]

How To Build The Perfect Home Office

Do you struggle with working from home? Do you often find yourself getting distracted? Do you end the day with back-ache and sore eyes? If so, you may need to adjust your home office set-up. Many people simply work from the nearest flat surface they can find (such as the kitchen table, or a coffee […]

Things To Consider If You Want To Start A Business

Things to consider if you want to start a business

There are lots of benefits to starting a business. You can become your own boss, you can decide your own hours and you can follow your passion – but before you decide to start your own business, there are a few things to think about. After all, starting a business isn’t easy; in reality it […]

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