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Melissa’s Planning Series: Part 1 – Spider Diagrams

This is the first blog in a new three-part series on Planning. Prioritising and planning go hand-in-hand but they are not one and the same. Planning encourages you to think about all the tasks you need to complete. Prioritising encourages you to focus on the most important tasks first. Whilst both are essential, planning helps you make judgements. Forward planning releases time from your day.

Try this to remove mental clutter

Mental clutter is a big problem for many people. Research has found that around 30% of adults feel stressed and anxious on a regular basis, and the current pandemic isn’t making things any easier. Over time mental clutter can cause depression, insomnia and poor health, so if you are feeling overwhelmed it could be beneficial to try and remove […]

How To Create An Exceptional Workspace

Do you want to get the most out of your business? If so, here are some tips to help you set up an exceptional workspace that will boost your productivity every single day.

Tips For Tutoring Children During Self-Isolation

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has changed the way the world works… and this is especially true for parents. Most British schools have closed, and it could be weeks (or even months) before they re-open. So if you are a parent, it is likely you are trying to homeschool your children – but without any advice or tips, […]

5 Ways To Improve Your Business’s Social Media Presence

There are lots of different ways to grow a business, but if you have an online presence you should definitely embrace social media marketing. There are over two billion users on Facebook (as well as over a billion on Instagram), and the numbers climb higher and higher every year. So it is very likely there are lots […]

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