Time Tokens

With half term coming to an end, many of us have been pushed to our limits on the ‘can I watch the TV’ conundrum.  We got so desperate we banned week time TV and screens altogether.  BUT there is another option.  Time tokens have tackled the issue head on and come up with a genius […]

Gift lists: Christmas

Each year at about this time, Christmas present panic starts to set in.  We all want to support small and local but how many of us just give up in the final furlong!  To take some of the sting out of the shop here is our gift guide for this festive season.


www.korukids.co.uk Anyone who has had to look at childcare options knows how traumatic a process it can be – where to start, will it work, how much will it cost and that is before the emotional turmoil of having to juggle work and family.   I recently had the pleasure of meeting KoruKids – a […]

Happy Duck Swimwear

https://www.happyduck.com I know the summer seems to be over but I still love a bit of good quality kids swimwear. Especially as it’s surprisingly hard to find. Welcome to the stage @happyduck_swimwear 🙌

Pom Pom Ponchos

Maybe it’s the weather or maybe I’m just coming over all Autumn, possibly these snuggly pieces of winter wear from @pompomponchos are just too adorable not to covet.

The Great British Baby Company

https://www.greatbritishbabycompany.com I’m really feeling autumn in the air ATM – maybe it’s because I’m in the countryside and not in London’s micro climate, maybe it’s because I’m just ready to wrap up warm (although believe me I wouldn’t say no to a last hurrah heat wave). Whatever the reason I completely adore these super sweet […]

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