Beat the summer holiday juggle: tips for small business owners with kids 

Campervan on a beach

Are you a solopreneur or founder of a small business staring down the barrel of the summer holidays with dread? You’re not alone. Working parents everywhere are currently bracing themselves for the upcoming six-week juggle of managing work and children. But for small business owners in particular, the impact of the summer holidays can be […]

A Day In The Life of an Admin Virtual Assistant 

Laptop and notebooks on desk

Guest Blog: Our Admin Account Executive, Josie Wilson, walks us through a day in her shoes… Meet Josie, one of SpareMyTime’s Admin Account Executives. With a background in project management for both small and large businesses, Josie works across a variety of our clients to support the smooth running of day-to-day operations. Here’s a sneak […]

A Day In The Life of a Marketing VA 

Image of a diary and flowers

Our Marketing Account Director, Lizzie Mathews, shares a sneak peek into her working day… Meet Lizzie, one of SpareMyTime’s Marketing Account Directors. With a solid background in email marketing, creating email campaigns for large and small companies, Lizzie now spearheads our team of Marketing VAs. Here’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a typical working day in […]

Our Top Wellness Podcasts & Apps for 2024

Lady doing yoga

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week. A stark reminder to all of us to stop, breathe and listen to our minds. Check in on friends, colleagues and loved ones but above all else ask yourself the question “Are you OK?” For so many of us life runs at supersonic speed and for founders in particular the […]

Habit Stacking for Productivity 

Woman doing yoga

In the search for making positive changes to our everyday lives and increasing overall productivity, the term “habit stacking” has emerged as a popular buzz phrase in recent years. This effective approach is centred around merging small, routine tasks to construct a chain of habits, or adding them into existing routines. In this blog post, […]

Happiness at Work Week 2023

We are passionate about inspiring happiness at work and believe that happy employees are more productive, flexible, resilient, and creative, and work better with their colleagues and clients.

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